Gap compensator

The mobile floor permits to delete any void necessary between standardized vehicle gauge clearance and any type of rolling stocks, automatically adapted to the gauge of the positioned vehicle on which roof works have to be carried out. When the movable floor is in contact with the vehicle, it forbids any possible fall of operator or tool or part, as requested in most of the safety standards.

Movable floor are moved thanks to air cylinders. Applied air pressure is adjusted and kept constant thanks to control valves in order to guaranty full contact with the train at any time and to stop in case of unexpected obstacle.

Each TRAINANCE movable roof working platform is made of:

-one stationary structure assembled on I type steel beams covered by anti-sliding floor iron sheet bolted on the structure,

-one mobile drawer going out of the structure thanks to air cylinder. Guiding of the drawer is achieved thanks to bearing rollers and high strength guiding rail.

Each unit is motorized by a air cylinder with visual indication of status:

-missing of air supply

-drawer in back position

Edge of the drawer of the gap compensators is constituted of rubber band in order to get smooth contact with the rolling stock.