Fixed footbridge

TRAINANCE is a specialist in design and manufacture of full gateway, ie the framing, railing, ladders and stairs. We are also able to manufacture structures and other fabricated metals made ​​from steel. Whether products produced ​​from blueprints and specifications or design the product quality meets industry standards.

Our knowledge of the railway environment gives us the skills to control the constraints of rolling stock as templates passage, the height of roof work, the cameras train …

We also propose effective solutions for secure access to trains. Indeed, we can integrate to our gateway the system of « compensating gap » that can bridge the gap between the gateway and various fixed template prevent operators from falling but also the falling of their tools.

In addition, for the operation of the facility safe, it is necessary to allow access only to footbridges that if a train is present, the compensators deployed and the catenary is « off.  » It is so necessary to restrict access by a door. When all security conditions are met, a key will be removed from the control cabinet via an electromechanical lock to open the gateway to the bridge.